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The Magnification Company

About This Project

Bob Schafer lives, breathes and serves the low-vision industry. He is passionate about helping the visually impaired regain independence and has been serving this community by providing products from leading manufacturers of low-vision solutions for decades.  For years, he operated as a lone sales cowboy, creating all marketing materials himself and built his business on trusted relationships and savvy sales skills.


After successfully negotiating an exclusive Florida and Puerto Rico distribution contract for a revolutionary new company and product called, NuEyes®, he decided it was time to regroup, rename and RE-brand – it was time to invest in a professional branding and design team. Out Front Brands assisted Bob in many ways: we polished up his logo sketches and created social icons; we selected a new color palette and created a style guide; we designed and wrote copy for new marketing collateral materials, we produced a responsive, mobile-friendly website that included an online catalog.  We managed print vendors, as well as suggested marketing strategies for social channels appropriate for his business,  juxtaposed with how much time and money he wanted to invest in maintaining them himself. (And we also set up the channels and designed appropriate banner graphics and icons). We listened closely to his goals and needs and then helped him create a plan to fit his budget that supported a plan he wanted his team to manage on their own! 

Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media