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  • tutorials is one of my favorite sites for many reasons. (Mainly because I can always count on them for a giggle.)  This cartoon supports a very interesting article about the dangers of becoming custom hashtag crazy. You better be sure you're ready to suffer the...

I love I can always count on them for a chuckle. ...

What does this infographic tell you about your branding? Were you considering the psychology of colors when you designed it? Check out Brian Honigman's article and infographic here: ...

From Somewhere in between the PR pitches, tech announcements, and six second video snippets, you may just find time this month to read up on a few new social media tools and best practices. Keeping in mind that our collective heads are exploding, I have taken the...

Many brands aspire to become lifestyle brands.  Lifestyle brands are seen as the pinnacle of marketing.  Marketers elevate these brands beyond functional attribute to higher-order benefits.  Consumers express their identities through these brands.  This strategy promises differentiation and growth. One of the reasons that method succeeded...