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Are you looking for creative ways to produce engaging and entertaining content that you can quickly create and share via your website or social media channels? Here's one great resource for you to bookmark:  Producing JibJab videos is an inexpensive, fun and easy way...

This is  a first-pass mockup proof for a postcard that will be used to promote RaceHawk's Pajama 5k & Beer Bash event. I am sure it will undergo several revisions before it's complete and goes to print. :-) ...

Drawing maps for sporting events can be tricky and  time-consuming. Simple running maps are easier than drawing maps for say, triathlons. This particular event features three different running distances. I had to determine which elements and visuals were important to highlight, eliminating anything unnecessary or...

Working Drawing for the Tampa Bay Lightning Bolt Run Race Map. (Event March 15, 2014) [caption id="attachment_549" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Tampa Bay Lightning Bolt Run Race Map- Working Drawing...