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This is  a first-pass mockup proof for a postcard that will be used to promote RaceHawk's Pajama 5k & Beer Bash event. I am sure it will undergo several revisions before it's complete and goes to print. :-) ...

Drawing maps for sporting events can be tricky and  time-consuming. Simple running maps are easier than drawing maps for say, triathlons. This particular event features three different running distances. I had to determine which elements and visuals were important to highlight, eliminating anything unnecessary or...

Working Drawing for the Tampa Bay Lightning Bolt Run Race Map. (Event March 15, 2014) [caption id="attachment_549" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Tampa Bay Lightning Bolt Run Race Map- Working Drawing... is one of my favorite sites for many reasons. (Mainly because I can always count on them for a giggle.)  This cartoon supports a very interesting article about the dangers of becoming custom hashtag crazy. You better be sure you're ready to suffer the...