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When Your Stock Photography Budget is Limited…Create Your Own Library! #resourcefuldesigner

When Your Stock Photography Budget is Limited…Create Your Own Library! #resourcefuldesigner

All independent creative directors and graphic designers have been there… You have an awesome client and project that presents an opportunity for you to shine…however, your budget is little and your vision for the project is BIG. You have a minuscule or non-existent budget for stock photography… so what do you do? Instead of settling for mediocre…YOU create your own image library!  With a little resourcefulness you can save your client AND yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and give your project a unique, custom look all your own.

After perusing Taekwondo stock images for a project that I am currently working on, (Ferkile’s Taekwondo in Saint Petersburg, Florida) and calculating the costs for the images that I wanted to buy, I determined that I could borrow props from my client and stage exactly what I wanted instead of settling and save money. I could also create a robust library for all future projects for this client.

Since I am also a professional photographer, I had a distinct advantage. You will, however, be surprised at how much money you can save, even if you are not a photographer, by thinking outside the box and hiring a professional photographer in your  network of resources to help you.  Many photographers will be willing to work with you at a reduced fee if you schedule a time that is convenient for them. Make sure you have your shots planned out and are organized. Not only will you be able to  create images that are EXACTLY what you envision for your project AND save money…you may also be able to “stock up” on images that you can bank for future projects.

🙂 It was a no-brainer for me.

Ferkile's TaeKwonDo MWN_0207-2 MWN_0228 MWN_0259 MWN_0362


Michelle Nault
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