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8 Tools to Help You Write A Great Blog Article – When Your Mind Is A Black Hole of Nothingness

— 8 Tools to Help You Write A Great Blog Article – When Your Mind Is A Black Hole of Nothingness

Frustrated Blog Writer Out of Ideas

It’s Thursday night at 10:00 pm and your blog article is due at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. Your deadline is NON-Negotiable and your mind is a black hole of nothingness. You’ve already looked through your niche Facebook group to see what they’re chatting about and you’ve asked your social followers what they might like to read about…and still you got NOTHIN’. You could try listening to ‘Sounds of Nature’ on Pandora or lighting a candle and hope that the sent of lavender clears the cobwebs…OR, you can take control of your creativity block and start clicking through these eight great resources below to help you find your inspiration. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect title for your new blog article and a great new trending topic to write about. Your mind will be exploding with ideas and best of all – you’ll be in bed by midnight.

  1. How To Write Award Winning Blog Headlines
  2. How To Write Traffic-Gobbling Headlines Like Huffington Post
  3. These Five Astonishing Headline Writing Secrets Will Make You Cry, Or At Least Click
  4. The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine 
  5. Portant’s Content Idea Generator (One of our favorite tools)
  6. HUBSPOT’S Blog Topic Generator (Enter in a few keywords and let Hubspot inspire you)
  7. Visit Reddit to Review Trending Topics
  8. Visit Youtube, enter topic to see and hear what people are saying.

Update: 03/22/2015: Here’s an additional resource –

Michelle Nault
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