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Global Citizen: I have had the chance to live in many places from France to Puerto Rico to the US developing a deep appreciation for different languages, food, culture and people. I speak French, English and Spanish.

Avid Athlete:  Wellness has always driven me to peak performance in sports, I was a collegiate tennis player and continue to love my fitness and workouts.

Fashion and Art:  I see extraordinary beauty in so many places. Expressions of individuals in art, fashion, design makes me smile…beauty is everywhere.

Lauriane Cardot is an international entrepreneur.  She has lived across the globe from France to Puerto Rico, China & the USA.  During her Masters in Entrepreneurship program at the University of Tampa she won several pitch contests and excelled at developing financial models utilizing her Bachelors degree in Finance.  As a collegiate athlete she was no stranger to dedication, discipline and time management.

Lauriane joined the branding and marketing firm Out Front Brands with a role as Director of Business Development.

In returning to Europe, she focuses on digital marketing managing online brands, design, websites, influencer marketing, building NFT communities and market research.  Her passion for entrepreneurship continues to provide clients with the invaluable, sought after fresh, digital native, millennial perspective with a keen eye on profitability.

Lauriane loves fashion, fitness and her beautiful cat Nounette that often assists her with her work!